Precautions During The Natural Disaster

In today’s modern world, even after all those technological enhancements, satellites, computers and whether tracking radars, we are still unable to accurately predict about the natural disasters. In these cases technology is almost helpless. I mean, just imagine a situation in which you are working on the 15th floor of a building and the building just start getting shake, you can imagine the would be fear and horror in your mind. Or perhaps you are just sitting on your study room and your fire alarm just start beeping. In all such cases you should prepare for those natural disasters, which nobody can accurately predict.

High Building

According to the 2008 statistics there are more than 1500 tornadoes in United States of America alone. Let’s first clear some myths about the tornadoes:

Myth 1: One should keep the windows of open when the tornado is coming.

Fact: In the circumstances of such natural disasters the most crucial things the time, you should not waste it in opening or closing down the windows instead you should get out and find some place of safety.

Myth 2: You should always take the refuge at the southwest corner of the building/room when tornadoes coming because most of the times tornado follows the northeast path.

Fact: Tornadoes do not exactly follow any path. In tornadoes, actually winds are revolving around and they can approach from any direction, so the best precaution you can take is to go to the lowest level of the house.

Tornado and Lighting

In the case of natural disasters like tornado there are some things should be there in your house with very easy accessibility like flashlight, torch, extra batteries, first aid kit, operational radio, bottled water, things that can generate fire and ready-made food for at least 5 days. Also you should have all the emergency contact numbers handy with you.

This is one of the most brutal and barbaric form of a natural disaster. All the myths of nature being loving and caring will be doomed when you will face the scenario of an earthquake. The most unfortunate thing is that no one can predict the earthquakes even after all those so-called technological advancements. You can be the victim of this ultimate disaster at anytime anywhere. So the thing is, how should you react exactly in the case of earthquake?

If at the time of an earthquake you are inside your home then stay there. You should have to find a strong table or bed and take the refuge near a strong interior wall. You should be very careful and stay away from the exterior walls, glass and heavy furniture. At the time of earthquake the most vulnerable place in the house is the kitchen and you should never take refuge in your kitchen.

If you’re fortunate enough to outside the house at the time of the earthquake then find out an open ground and get out the vicinities of the surrounding buildings. If you are in office then move away from the exterior windows in the heavy furniture is and do not use the electronic elevators.

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